Elections and Political Violence

Elections lay the foundation stone towards the construction of democratic societies and when marked with integrity, guarantee socio-political equality and rule of law. They are tools for molding democracies and instruments for measuring their effectiveness. However due to their political significance, elections risks being manipulated over vested interests. In order to preserve this sacred institution and safeguard the legitimacy of electoral outcomes, the sub-field focuses on the work of the electoral commission, activities of political parties and the effectiveness of state institutions entrusted with the business of organising elections. It further monitors the activities of cognate bodies like the Media, civil society and grass root organisations. The political ambiance generated by elections is also critical to defining security in the public sphere. Therefore, we analyse the propensity for election induced political violence by monitoring the tone of political discourse, public opinion and political party activism. It will also include organising education symposium, advocacy and sensitization on issues such as: electoral laws and reforms, integrity of elections, electoral security, political activism and foot soldier violence. Knowledge briefs and policy reports will be produced to drive evidence informed policies towards democratic consolidation.