Mutatio Institute

Mutatio (mūtātĭo) is a Latin word meaning “transformation, or change”. As a Think Tank, Mutatio Institute positions itself as one of the lead agencies in the area of policy change and aspires to transform governance in Ghana through empirical research and policy advocacy.

To monitor and analyze public policies, suggest alternatives and support stakeholders in their implementation.

To contribute to transforming policy and governance in Ghana through a sustained effort in public policy analysis.
Our Niche
The Institute distinguishes itself from its peers through a rigorous process cycle in identifying, framing, investigating and formulating policy outcomes to our audience. Our work is guided by the following principles:
a. Credibility
Credibility forms a fundamental part of our work inspiring how we construct and deliver our policy outcomes. By credibility, the institute aims to ensure quality analysis and expert informed decision making in order to meet the standards sought by our clients and the policy environment.

b. Impartiality
Impartiality and organizational neutrality are values we strive to elicit in our internal and external perimeters of work. Evidence constitutes the key instrument to achieving this principle. We are a community of analysts interested in producing and applying verifiable facts and reliable data in our scope of work. We intend to insulate ourselves from biases by letting the evidence we produce speak to the issues. In being impartial however, we remain sensitive to issues of affirmative action and safeguarding minority interests as means to building a just society.

c. Critical Scholarship
Critical Scholarship drives the spirit of inquiry at the institute. It is our firm resolve to subject contentious issues of public opinion, policy debates and social problems begging policy attention to critical thinking and case formulation through the engagement of subject matter specialist. This is to reinforce the credibility of evidence and policy recommendations.

d. Ideological pluralism
Ideological pluralism remains our preferred approach to analyzing, formulating and advocating policy demands. In this regard, context is the hallmark. As a policy research Institute, we seek to analyse the prevailing policy and governance landscape by applying ideologies as analytical frames through which to pursue desired policy change and not squarely from the perspective of a mission statement. We are convinced this approach is commensurate with the spectrum of political ideologies in the country and therefore adopt a case-by-case and best-fit conceptual approach to critiquing and pushing policy change.